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BRUTUS Wages A Beautiful "War" of Hardcore and Dark, Dreamy Post-Punk

Posted by on January 25, 2019 at 1:26 pm

Photo by Eva Vlonk

The Belgian trio, Brutus, is gearing up for a return this year. After turning heads in 2017 with their album, Burst—a stellar blend of post-punk, hardcore, and black metal—the Belgians are back with Nest. The new album is due for release on March 29 through Sargent House Records. From the sounds of the lead single, "War," Brutus is returning to the well that sprung such fruitful music.

"War," which comes in the form of a live recording, showcases the trio running through a performance of the song in the studio. Stefanie Mannaerts (drums/vocals) along with Stijn Vanhoegaerden (guitar) and Peter Mulders (bass) round out the talented and inventive group. Given the positive reactions and acclaim their last album received, expectations are high for Nest. Though, given how strong "War" is, it should be easy for the group to—at the very least—repeat the success they have seen before.

Check out the video for "War" now. Also, pick up a copy of Nest and other Brutus gear from Sargent House Records.

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