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Monday Wake Up Call

Listen to ORGONE — You Will Not Regret It!

Posted on January 5, 2009

ORGONEWhy can't New Year's break last another week? I only wish! But, alas there is work to be done, money to be made and of course, metal to be heard. For the first "Monday Wake Up Call" of 2009, I figured I would post an unsigned band that caught my ear during the holiday break. This week's Wake Up Call is Pennsylvania's own ORGONE (which means universal life force…deep right?).

This band is absolutely killer. They will rip your face off, and then calm you down with some lovely melodies. These guys pack all the punch of a grind/tech-death band and even leave room for ISIS-like interludes. The band was kind enough to provide us with the title track from their upcoming self-produced album, The Joyless Parson, a 10 minute opus that will send you through a range of emotions and definitely wake you. Check it out below (and check out the lyrics). If you like what you hear, keep checking the band's MySpace page as they will constantly be adding new songs from the album, which is set to release in March.

(Special thanks to The Apparatus for introducing me to the band)