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METALLICA Share Audio of First-Ever Show With Cliff Burton From 1983

Posted by on December 25, 2018 at 11:02 am

March 5, 1983 was a big day for Metallica. The band played their first-ever show with bassist Cliff Burton, who replaced ex-bassist Ron McGovney in December 1982, at The Stone in San Francisco.

The show also featured Metallica with guitarist and soon-to-be Megadeth mastermind Dave Mustaine, as Kirk Hammett was still in Exodus at the time. Mustaine would be let go from the band a few months later, making this a pretty rare performance given the lineup.

Check out the audio portion below, which features the following songs.

  1. The Mechanix
  2. Phantom Lord
  3. Jump In The Fire
  4. Motorbreath
  5. No Remorse
  6. Seek & Destroy
  7. (Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth
  8. Whiplash
  9. Am I Evil?
  10. The Prince
  11. Blitzkrieg
  12. Metal Militia
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