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Metal returns to Late Night; SHADOWS FALL perform on Jimmy Fallon

Posted on September 4, 2009


I stayed up to watch SHADOWS FALL on Late Night w/Jimmy Fallon last night, and for an old man like me, that's sort of a big deal. Anytime any metal band gets some good old national exposure on TV, I always get excited and feel the need to support. The Massholes came out and completely rocked the house at 30 Rock last night. As much as I don't really favor Fallon's comedic stylings, I think it's really cool that he is having metal bands on his show. Fuck, MEGADETH was just announced as performing there on Thursday, September 17th (technically Friday morning). Anyway, if you missed the performance, we uploaded it here. The band's new CD, Retribution is in stores September 15th.

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