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Listen to Two New Episodes of RADIO FENRIZ To Expose You To New Underground Metal

Posted by on January 21, 2016 at 1:48 pm Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

We're very excited around these parts anytime there is a new edition of Darkthrone main man Fenriz' online radio show/podcast, appropriately titled Radio Fenriz. Mostly, it's because he plays great music from bands we've never heard of before.

It's been a while since we've checked in and to my surprise, there wasn't just one new episode, there was two. I have a long flight coming up so I can't wait to blast these in my ears and make my fellow passengers uncomfortable.

Playlist for the above episode:

01 TAPHOS NOMOS – pyroclastic flow USA
02 BARONESS – shock me USA
03 MAGIC CIRCLE – the damned man USA
04 GIRLSCHOOL – the night before UK
05 HELHEIM – Åsgårds fall III NOR
06 DEGIAL – doomgape SWE
08 CAGE – ancient evil USA
09 KÖRGULL THE EXTERMINATOR -wolf of the battlefield SPA
10 SPECTRAL LORE -Gnosis' journey through the ages GREECE
11 THE SHRINE – acid drop USA

Playlist for the above episode:

01 VASTUM – sodomitic malevolence USA
02 WITH THE DEAD – Nephtys UK
03 PANOPTICON – sleep to the sound of the waves USA
04 SERPENTS ATHRIST – ritual vomiting SRI LANKA
05 STARBLIND – the man of the crowd SWE
06 SACRILEGE – out of sight, out of mind UK
07 SARCOFAGO – secrets of a window BRAZIL
08 RAZOR – violent restitution CANADA
09 DEATH HAWKS – dream life, waking life FINLAND
11 RIXE – coups et blesseurs FRANCE
12 POX – out of time USA
13 AKATECHISM – asymmetry of man GERMANY
14 MAMMOTH STORM – Augur's echo SWEDEN

More Radio Fenriz here.

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