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LILLAKE (SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, ENTHEOS) Releases A Third, Incredibly Good New Track

Posted by on April 14, 2016 at 3:16 pm

Lillake, the band featuring Suicidal Tendencies guitarist/vocalist Nico Santora and drummer Eric Moore, as well as ex-The Faceless/Entheos bassist Evan Brewer, is a band that just sort of appeared out of nowhere and immediately captured our attention. The band's first two singles have been nothing short of funky, heavy, and amazing, and the new track falls right in line with that description.

"Become," which the band has also announced is the title of its debut record, might sound familiar to you. It's because it shares a lot of the same thematic elements with the song "How Becoming," (also below) so maybe this is some kind of concept record? Either way, get mesmerized below.

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