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Let NOCTEM Grimly Guide You "Through The Black Temples Of Disaster"

Posted by on August 11, 2016 at 2:46 pm

Noctem has returned to haunt the world from its home in Spain once more! This time the band is preparing to release its new record Haeresis, out September 30 via Prosthetic Records, and we've been pointed at by the cold finger of death to premiere the album's debut single.

If the title "Through The Black Temples Of Disaster" doesn't tip you off as to how this song might sound, let me fill you in. Think about how it would sound if were you being propelled full speed through numerous, collapsing black temples, all while the spirits that haunt them (and demons that inhabit them) are constantly screaming in your face.

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Pre-order the new record at the Prosthetic website for North American orders or Bandcamp for international orders.

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