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The Monday Grind

The Monday Grind: FACADA's Nenhum Puto De Atitude Has You Covered

Posted by on October 9, 2017 at 12:10 pm

It’s Monday and Mondays suck, so let’s grind it out with Facada’s Nenhum Puto De Atitude.

We’re headed back to Brazil this week. Specifically, Fortelaza, Ceará with veteren grindcore/crust purveyors Facada. Don’t know who Facada is? I didn’t either until late August/early September when the label-head of EveryDayHate forwarded me a wax copy of Nenhum Puto De Atitude.  And Facada is another reason to look south when looking for great grind and crust.

Nenhum Put De Atitude is a covers record. I hope to hell you're booing me right now for that headline. Half of the tracks are native Brazilian bands; the other half are bands you have probably heard of. And if you want a rundown on each track by bassist Carlos James, there’s one over at Decibel. My version of this is going to be more general impressions. I’m not going to go over each song. Instead I’m going to highlight things. This album is, for the most part, a burning, crusty grind record.

The record opens with “Where No Life Dwells” by Unleahsed. A few beats later the band is blasting some Impaled Nazarene “Coraxo.” It doesn’t last long though, a mere twenty-three-seconds. It’s actually Dorsal Atlantica where the record really picks up momentum. It’s a straightforward, vicious sounding Napalm Death attack. The kind of track that sounds like it’s trying to shake the pillars of the Earth.

Once we hit “Sailing On” by Bad Brains things get real interesting. It’s grinding as hell, but still leaves room for those classic “Ooo, ooos” that the song just can’t be without. Shortly after this is “Rubbish Country” by Rot, which one of the best pieces on the record. It’s a little more menacing, a little more thrash, and constantly punchy. The Nirvana cover was one that I probably wouldn’t have guessed without knowing. But it does sound like its source material. After it’s been left to rot and brood in a dungeon for a few years.

“Hybrid Moments” by Misfits is the only fully sung track, which is also a guest spot. Remember A Peste? One of their members, Zé Misanthrope, actually does the vocals on this and it’s really badass. The track sounds powerful and no energy is lost in the most straightforward punk track on here yet.

As the record comes to a close, the band really kicks up the ante with tracks like “Deaththrash” by Sarcófago. The song is brutal as hell and a banger all the way through. “Obnoxious” by Hüsker Dü is an ass kicker as well. Catchy too. It’s easy to want to put on Everything Falls Apart immediately after but there’s only more more to go. A band called Titãs with a song called “Igreja.” The track finishes on a strong grinding/punk vibe. Really hardcore/punk sounding with a catchy lead.

It’s not too often, for me, that a covers record is also an intro to a band. But Facada did a fantastic job here. The tracks are distinctively grind and crust but still maintain moods that their original pieces had. For me, Facada has a discography that I gotta dive into. But for now, we’ve got this to get grinding with.

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