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The Monday Grind

The Monday Grind: DEJECT Your Monday With This Crushing EP

Posted by on February 5, 2018 at 2:46 pm

It’s Monday and Mondays suck, so let’s grind it out with the debut EP from Deject.

I’ve been hankering for heavier lately. Maybe there’s a cloud hanging over my head, maybe I’m just hungry for some crushing riffs. And in my search for some heavier, punkier, driven grind I stumbled across New York’s Deject. A powerviolence/grind-driven band that’s exactly what this Monday needs.

Feedback sweeps as the EP comes forth with the slow, chunky punch that is “Deject.” It’s a great mood setter as the song begins to froth and get grinding. However, the piece remains drenched in powerviolence and heaviness. When it comes to grind, it’s like it’s used to glue the pieces together. And that is common for powerviolence, but Deject paint with a darker brush here. The heaviness that holds really makes this EP start off like we’re in a dark pit. And we’re about to go deeper.

“Spite” comes out swinging in pure grinding fashion. It’s a song that starts out sounding like the band was blasting a ton of Vermin Womb. It’s not a song that slows much, but instead keeps a hardcore/punk vibe going on in between the grind. The track “P.O.W.” operates much the same but with more intensity. The grinding reaches peaks here, but does fall down on a more mid-tempo hardcore vibe.

“Submission” gets noisy right from the start, and the riffing even gets a little funky. However, the powerviolence sets in and gets the song feeling a little sludgy. The song never gets grinding, but stays heavy as hell.

The EP closes with “Depraved Indifference”, a track that throws us a little bit of everything. It starts out as heavy hardcore and moves into some pissed, fast blasting. However, as the song carries on it breaks down and gets pissed one last time before descending into a noisy bit and skipping out on us. It’s a fantastic close to a killer EP.

Deject is another band that flew by me in 2017. But there’s no time like the now to check them out. If you like heavy, grind, hardcore, or powerviolence, then you’ll find something to love here. It’s a dark, pissed album, and perfect to grind you through your Monday.

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