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The Monday Grind

The Monday Grind: MY MINDS MINE And SICK OF STUPIDITY Grind Out This Chaotic Monday

Posted by on March 5, 2018 at 2:06 pm

It’s Monday and Mondays suck, so let’s grind it out with a split release with My Minds Mine and Sick of Stupidity.

Let’s double the pleasure, double the fun today. I don’t remember if I’ve ever featured a split release before, so what better time to start than now. Two bands straight out of the Netherlands: veteran grinders My Minds Mind have been blasting since 1995, even though they took a thirteen-year break, their edge hasn’t dulled even slightly. Sick of Stupidity, however, are a newer breed of the old school sound.

And full disclosure, I was provided with a physical copy of this record from the record label EveryDayHate. I don’t consider this column a place of “reviews”, more like just me trying to share music with you. Regardless, I figured It’d make it known.

My Minds Mine kick of side A, and it’s grindcore like you’d expect: fast, to the point, raw and fucking glorious. Over five tracks the Dutch quartet grind their instruments down to dust. This side is heavy as hell and very Insect Warfare sounding. But underneath the heavy distortion, the hardcore/punk vibe is there, “Some New Order Messiah” shoes this in droves. The opener “Scars of Violence” says it all: this is unrelenting brutality. And it carries. Though “Sore Ripping Apocalypse” carries in with a little ambiance. Kinda like a send off to side A. It’s a little more death metal sounding, a little more trudging.

Sick of Stupidity bring a thrashier vibe to their side. The songs are almost akin to something like The Kill spliced with Insect Warfare. Fast as hell, tasty guitar and blasts for miles. The heaviness is lifted a little here in comparison to side A, but the band don’t need heavy where they’re going. Track after track is riff choked. “Oh My Guts” has some particularity awesome thrashing hardcore/punk moments in it. The blasts on “Lost” should really be noted too, as they are chaotic as hell.

If you like grindcore you’ll like this split. And you get a little bit of both worlds too: something faster and something heavier. Equally good? Yeah, I think so. The cohesion between sides makes for a fantastic slice of grind. Fourteen-minutes of pure carnage. If you’re not familiar with My Minds Mine or Sick of Stupidity, there’s no better time than now to get grinding with them.

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