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GHOST Are Campaigning Hard For That Grammy Win

Posted by on January 4, 2016 at 5:40 pm

When the 2016 Grammy nominations for Best Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Performance were announced last month, we were pleasantly surprised that one of the nominees was a Metal Injection favorite, Ghost. A band like Ghost doesn't typically get nominated for these things, but we learned the Grammy board is really taking this category seriously this year.

For their part, Ghost themselves, are also really taking this seriously, going so far as to take an ad out in music trade magazine Billboard encouraging Grammy voters to consider them:

Ghost billboard ad

The URL at the bottom of the ad leads to this video with Sister Imperator campaigning for a vote for Ghost:

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I certainly hope Ghost win just for the spectacle of it. If you want a preview of what it would look like, here's the band winnihg a Swedish Grammy in 2014:

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