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DESTRÖYER 666 Just Dropped Its First Song In Six Years And It's An Anthemic Thrashfest

Posted by on January 7, 2016 at 10:03 am

Hey, remember Deströyer 666? The band released its last full-length album in 2009, titled Defiance, as well as a double-sided single in 2010 consisting of the songs "See You In Hell" and "Through The Broken Pentagram." Then a whole lot of nothing happened when it came to new material in the ensuing five years, though to be fair the band did state in 2015 that it would be hitting the studio for some new material.

Speaking of new material, here's some now! The song is titled "Live and Burn" and it's everything you could ever ask for in the realm of blackened whatever-metal, or just metal in general. The song is stuffed with shredding riffs, a memorable chorus, and more double bass than you'd even know what to do with.

The song is off the band's upcoming full-length, titled Wildfire, due out February 26 via Season of Mist.

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