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DANK SLAMS: Brand New DYSMORFECTOMY Track Will Leave You Questioning Your Manhood!

Posted by on June 1, 2017 at 5:16 pm

Dudes! See that little, itty bitty thing hanging off your tiny, atrophied body? Yeah. That thing. It's microscopic and disgusting, isn't it? Do you constantly obsess over its size? Does its lack of girth and asymmetrical weirdness preoccupy your day? When you look at that abominable, repugnant thing, does it remind you of, say, that parasitic monstrosity found on every slam cover to have ever existed? Well, if you answered any of the preceding questions with a resounding 'YES!' then you – my tiny peckered friend – likely suffer from  Body Dysmorphic Disorder (it's either this, or, you actually have a vacuous,  sad, lonely little space down there in said nether regions).

Anyway, BDD is something we should not be laughing at. It's an honest-to-goodness mental disorder that affects an insane amount of people. Even the ladies suffer. In short, BDD is a disorder characterized by an obsessive preoccupation that some aspect of one's own appearance is severely flawed and warrants exceptional measures to hide or fix it.

So, now that we've schooled you slobbering morons in the ways of over-exaggerated/non-existent flaws in your appearance, is there a way to combat your obsessive compulsive thoughts? We think we have just the thing. It's a word… one word… a related word…

Let us translate that. DYSMORFECTOMY. Straight outta France, this one-man slam has existed for about two years. In that time, Mr. Dysmorfectomy (aka Anthony Guern, ex-Dawn Of Might) has managed to slam out one full-length (2016's Rapist Of Flesh) and one promo.

Dude is back, and he brings with him something bigger, badder, and slammier than ever… and we have the first taste of it! Straight from the new album, entitled Hypothermal Dissection. But, first, that cover art…

So, with further adieu, we present to you sick fucks the first exclusive streaming track, entitled "Heap Of Frozen Limbs" (made possible – once again – by our friends over at the mighty Slam Worldwide). Oh, before we do that, here is a quick synopsis of the album from the man who created it. Take it away, Anthony…

I created the project in 2013. I was part of a band on the bass for several years (DAWN OF MIGHT) and I wanted to be able to compose everything in a project! As for the band name, it comes from the word Dymorphobie  – the haunting fear of being ugly or malformed… roughly the fear of being ugly. I found it funny, so I made a name – Dysmorfectomy!

This new album follows the album Rapist Of Flesh, released in 2016. I wanted this album to be faster and more precise. It took me more work and time to work on the whole composition than expected. The song titles remain swamped in gore and violent as on the previous one, with an added glacial touch to the title of the album for a change of visual environment. The next album is also in it's writing stages as we speak."

Hypothermal Dissection will drop June 30th via Reality Fade Records. Pre-orders are available here.