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Listen To A New CLUTCH Song

Posted by on March 11, 2013 at 12:38 pm

It's a Clutch single. Are you really expecting anything less than a hard-rocking jam?

Holy hell! Clutch's new jam "Crucial Velocity" is one of those songs that you can't help but headbang to, or speed down the highway pending you're driving (though we here at Metal Injection advise you not do both at once). It's a garage-rock sounding track with some really, really sweet lyrics. I mean, when Neil Fallon says "reality is getting too damn predictable" and then proceeds to launch shortly into the next high-speed chorus, you better be losing your shit right then and there. "Crucial Velocity" is the best thing to have happened to me today, and it'll be for you too.

Unless you won the lottery or something like that, in which case; you bastard. Listen to "Crucial Velocity" over at NPR.org.

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