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A/V Roundup: CONVERGE Orchestral Cover; New Music from DYING FETUS, COREY SMOOT, MELVINS LITE, DEVIN TOWNSEND Trailer and more

Posted by on May 23, 2012 at 8:55 am Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

It's the hump-day AV roundup. Let's play some tuneskis. Got a killer orchestral cover of Converge, new music from Dying Fetus, Corey Smoot, The Agonist & Melvins Lite, a trailer for Devin Townsend's new live DVD, and Doc Coyle rippin' a classic solo. Let's begin:

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Converge's Axe to Fall is one of my favorite albums of EVER, so I was pumped to see this pretty rad orchestral tribute to the opening track on the album, "Dark Horse." Awesome stuff.

Another new Dying Fetus track? Fuck yes! Oh, and it's downloadable? AND FREE? Thanks, Relapse Records. Listen to "Subjected to a Beating" and then download the sucker on the band's BandCamp page. Their new album, Reign Supreme comes out on June 19th.

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Here is a trailer for Devin Townsend's new live DVD release, By A Thread, recorded in London last year. Devy performed each of the four albums he's released under his Devin Townsend Project monkier and the DVD will feature all of the performances.

Need a quick pick-me-up? Listen to the new Deathspell Omega track, Abrasive Swirling Murk, streaming at Decibel. Deathspell Omega’s new EP, Drought, is out June 22nd, 2012 on Season of Mist.

A track from Corey Smoot's posthumous solo release, The Corey Smoot Experiment can be heard at Guitar World. The album comes out June 5th. More info on the release here.

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Here's a sampler of The Agonist's new album, Prisoners, out June 5th.

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A new Melvins Lite track to stream? Yes, please. Here's "A Growing Distaste" off their upcoming release, Freak Puke out June 5th.

Finally, here's Doc Coyle ripping the solo to the Eagle's "Hotel California" just cause he felt like it.

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