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A/V Roundup: New music from Exodus, Soilwork, Nevermore, Heaven Shall Burn, MyChildren My Bride and more

Posted on May 17, 2010 Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

We don't do a roundup for a few days and all hell breaks loose! A ton of new music from a ton of sweet bands is now just a mouse click away. Here is today's A/V Roundup:

As usual, The Daily Habit books great in studio guests! Above you will find a live clip of High on Fire performing their track "Frost Hammer". Watch previous Daily Habit performances here and here.

We've already gushed about Nachtmystium's Addicts: Black Meddle Pt. II, and now you can preview another new track, perhaps my favorite off the new album, over at Metalsucks. The track teeters on the edge of indie rock, but still retains the dark black-metal vibe that frontman Blake Judd and crew are known for.

In the bands posting a new track on their MySpace page department, Nevermore posted "Without Morals" from The Obsidian Conspiracy. It sounds awesome. Meanwhile, Soilwork posted "Two Lives Worth of Reckoning" on their MySpace page, and big shocker: It sounds like Soilwork! Any fan of theirs will appreciate it.

For those of you who like a little more -core with their music, MyChildren MyBride posted "Terra Firma" off their upcoming release, Lost Boy. And, MI faves Attack Attack, you remember them as the band with the worst video ever, seemed to toughen up their image as they get ready to release a new album (with a new vocalist). I'm still not convinced on the band, but you can check out their track "Renob, Nevada" on their MySpace

In the full album stream department, the new album from thrash legends Exodus, Exhibit B: The Human Condition is now streaming on the band's MySpace page. The album comes out tomorrow, May 18th.

Not to be outdone, Heaven Shall Burn is also streaming their new album, Inviticus on their MySpace page which comes out next Tuesday

Finally, Allegeon is definitely a band you should have on your radar. The band just premiered their new track, "The God Particle" on Sterokiller. The band's new album, Fragments of Form and Function drops on July 20th.