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Al Jourgensen Calls IRON MAIDEN & LAMB OF GOD "Unlistenable" On New SURGICAL METH MACHINE Track, Full Album Streaming

Posted by on April 15, 2016 at 12:51 pm

Al Jourgensen of Ministry is a man who knows industrial metal pretty well, which is why it's not exactly a surprise that Surgical Meth Machine's debut album is pretty awesome. Every single song is loaded with samples, distorted to fuck, and absolutely refuses to slow down at any given point for you to catch your breath.

Oh, and don't forget to listen to the song "Unlistenable," where Jourgensen says that bands like Iron Maiden and Lamb of God suck. Obviously he's totally serious and you should go tell him that he's wrong for hating such legends! UGH!

Surgical Meth Machine is out this Friday via Nuclear Blast Records.

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  • Lüke Hellwÿck

    *his ego in check

  • Lüke Hellwÿck

    *So MANY crying babies.
    "Kill yourselves" <— are you 6?

  • Lüke Hellwÿck

    I think that's the joke.