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Album Review: BLOODTRUTH Obediance

Posted by | October 1, 2014

To be honest, I’m not exactly sure what angle to take in this review. Do I try a purely fair assessment of Bloodtruth’s abilities in the realm of brain-splitting technical death metal? Or do I view them through the lens that I can’t help but see it through: I’ve simply heard so much metal like this already.

| October 1, 2014

Album Review: KRIEG Transient

Posted by | September 3, 2014

If your band is going to experiment with a particular sound, to see where it can go and to what lengths it can be stretched, it still must contain the original vision. If the piece of music aims to inspire listeners over the long term, it cannot simply be an affectation of “weirdness” and snobbish obscurity. In the case of a band like Krieg, there may be various levels of experimentation bordering on “post-metal” territory, but the band still retains the spirit of black metal at its core: raw, chaotic, grim, evil.

| September 3, 2014

Album Review: NOVEMBERS DOOM Bled White

Posted by | July 9, 2014

Bled White is the latest album from Novembers Doom, and if you're totally unfamiliar with their sound, think of them as a mix of My Dying Bride, latter era Dark Tranquility and perhaps a few stray marks of Amorphis and Agalloch thrown in there as well. Perhaps another way to think of them would be like a less-proggy, more hook-laden version of Insomnium (though that band's latest album is nothing to sneeze at either).

| July 9, 2014