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ROB ZOMBIE Basically Tells Fans To Wait For DVD-Version of New Horror Film 31

Posted by on January 8, 2016 at 2:12 pm Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

Yesterday, we learned that Rob Zombie's new movie 31 was able to secure an R rating and would be premiering at Sundance. Zombie was having a hard time getting the MPAA board to lower their previously given rating, a NC-17, which is a death knell for movies, as most theaters would not bother carrying such a risque film.

It's rumored that Zombie had to cut out some of the gore in the film to make the R rating. But what happens to this director's cut? Will it ever see the day? Zombie told fans they could expect a DVD released unrated cut, essentially telling fans, if they want to see the real deal, they can skip out on the theater:

Rob Zombie horror

Zombie later reassured fans who crowd-funded the movie that they won't be missing much if they go see it in the theater:

The movie was partially crowd-funded. I in no way could raise enough to make the entire film. So money came from many sources. I broke no contract because at no time did I say I was releasing an NC17 movie. Trust me if I did, everyone would be pissed because the film would be playing nowhere. Nothing is watered down, this is the game we play to make movies.

Based on what other filmmakers complained about in the past, I'm sure most of the cuts to the film won't be that noticeable. But at the same time, for diehard fans looking to enjoy Zombie's true vision of the film, it's probably best to wait for the unrated cut.

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