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DARKTHRONE's Fenriz Slams Lords Of Chaos Movie, Wants Resse Witherspoon To Play Him

Posted by on November 3, 2016 at 12:58 pm

For those unaware, Lords of Chaos: The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground is a must-read book written by Michael Moynihan and Didrik Søderlind, and was originally published in 1998. The book chronicles the early black metal scene, which most infamously includes the murder of Mayhem's Euronymous by Varg from Burzum, various other killings, and some church burning.

The book is being made into a movie that is backed by partners Vice Films, Insurgent Media, Chimney Pot and 20th Century Fox, and the movie will be helmed by ex-Bathory drummer and a renowned director Jonas Åkerlund.

Initial reactions to the movie were pretty across the board. but Darkthrone's Fenriz is extremely against this movie. Fenriz wrote on the band's Facebook: "About this movie concerning our black metal situation in the late 80s and early 90s (lords of chaos): IT IS THE WORST IDEA SINCE UN-SLICED BREAD (quote me, please, and share this vividly PLEASE)," which is about as negative as you can be.

One fan asked about the story in the book where Fenriz was searched on a train for teargas, to which Fenriz/Darkthrone replied with the following.

"[It] wasn't teargas, was just some kind of mustard gas i got from a legendary bouncer and junkie here in Oslo. it was just in my pocket, forgot all about it. the whole situation was very strange. how often does you and your film crew suddenly get frisked ON THE TRAIN TO SWEDEN? never, that's how often."

Darkthrone also said that "actors trying to depict what happened is the real problem here." So yeah, I don't think Fenriz will be seeing this one. When asked in the comments  who he would like to depict him in the movie, Fenriz joked he wants actress Resse Witherspoon to play him:


He also revealed the band has been asked to allow the movie to feature their logo and music and they turned it down:


It will be interesting to see which bands allow the movie to use their logos and music in the film, seeing as though there is this backlash.

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  • Mads Hårklau

    Total boycott from me. The book was widely disregarded by the most prominent figures in norwegian black metal. Some of hose individuals were exentrics back in early 90's, most of them never committed any crime.Nowadays most of them are normal law-abiding musicians with families. These film-producers (along with Søderlind) are greedy people, willing to kick a dead dog for profit. And they are very disrespectful to Aarset's family. Give them a break now. Don't watch this movie. It will not present much truth.

    • Monolithic Redundancy

      Not to mention it's just going to be pretty people making sad faces for an hour.

      • herrschobel

        pretty people with super white teeth … uarrgggg

    • Hanzel_II

      This isn't even about portraying the accurate story, just look at the cast, they got a jew to act as Varg and a girl is playing "Dead". This is obviously another case of liberal culture trying to pussify another culture. Modern Black metal bands sing about religious tolerance and this kind of "Global Satanism" absolutely stupid, not extreme and ridiculous. Very few people go to these shows anyway which is why I personally commit to going to right wing Militant Black metal shows, it's so much more energy and you feel a better sense of brotherhood because everyone is on the same page…No Commies there that's for sure.

      • TreyP

        What black metal bands sing about religious tolerance? I'm not saying you're wrong on that, I'm just saying I've never heard that sentiment expressed in the genre besides the notion being inherent in the sense of individualism a lot of black metal bands espouse.

        • Hanzel_II

          What fucking individualism? they're all idiot pansies who avoid criticizing Islam and stick to what's politically correct and what is in agreement with their labels. Give me a break…Pfft individualism. You probably got that because of Gaahl? Gaahl for instance like many black metal "individuals" is no survivalist as he'd like people to think, and this whole idea of Satanism…Oh don't get me started on bands like Watain; how they think they are bearers of "Hidden Knowledge" I'm surprised no one dared to challenge their views and give them a slap in the face, same goes with Behemoth. The reason why bands like these merge certain nationalist qualities (such as the semi-Facist imagery with Marduk) with Satanism is because the record labels need to appeal to a young audience and can't have a band express right wing feelings while a lot of the members in these bands might feel it, they are constantly stuck in this ideological and religious quagmire.

          In the end Black metal and Satanism becomes so stale that you get bands like Batushka who's lyrics are based on Orthodox Christian spiritualism and imagery or…Bands that do not get mainsteam media coverage, mainly the NSBM and Militant black metal bands who in fact have way more meaning to their lyrical content because it deals with real things.

          • TreyP

            And yet you didn't answer my question. Which bands in particular promote religious tolerance?

          • Adrik

            There is no such thing as Militant Black Metal. "Right wing" Black Metal is just NSBM and we all know those nazi loving shits are just that shits.

          • Hanzel_II
          • herrschobel

            the pic below looks a lot like a hardcore show.

          • Hanzel_II

            It's a Militant Black Metal show with band M8L8TH from Russia. A right wing show. M8L8TH sings about Pan-European Unity, return to Pagan military like societies like Sparta and Cleaning our countries of the Islamic filth.

          • herrschobel

            sounds like delusional bullshit to me. But i wasn´t expecting much from you after reading your other comments. I am a conservative and by no way a Leftie but i have no love or understanding for your kind. The future of this Planet (if we have one at all) will most likely not be Pan European. More like Chinese / African. Europe is dead…already…so is Russia. Some people just cannot admit that and some others (mostly right wing populists) still beat the dead horse to make money and satisfy their lowly needs for Power…very un-Nietschze. overcome all that and there might be some wisdom to be gained. Sparta ??? that made me really laugh. We all know how that ended.

          • Hanzel_II

            Kill yourself Stupid Cuck, if you ever told me that you admit defeat to people who want to destroy us I would end your miserable and weak life, with the help of my friends; we'd stomp on your face with our boots.

          • herrschobel

            LOL. well that´s all that needs to be said about you i guess. Now go and let one of your nazi friends fuck you in the ass. You lot like that don´t you ? That reminds me that i have to return that book about 'homo eroticism in neo nazi circles', to the library. You need friends to end me ? Was that a freudian slip ? YOU actually threaten to kill someone on the Internet ? oh boy..i let others who might read this judge that. Ah ja and …. please don´t tell me what i am or not. That just makes you look more foolish than you already appear to be. The values that i conserve and strife for are as old as Plato (humility / virtue to name a few) and uninfluenced by political foolery or socio-economic trickery ( unlike your pan european nonsense) and he amongst many others would most definitely not approve of your low life kind. Not that it matters. You play no role in the Endgame. You might serve as foot soldiers and agents provocateurs to be crushed by the true Power Elite ( despicable beings as well of course–just a lot more realistic than you) when no longer needed (like most Nazi Fucks in Russia for example). Obviously you have no clue what Plato and much later Schopenhauer / Nietzsche meant with the "Ultimate truth". So now go and play RPGs with your little friends, get gang raped by your pan european friends or do something of value but don´t try to mess around with grown ups that actually have a life. good day cunt !

          • Hanzel_II

            I'm the biggest out of all my friends, if you ever saw me on the street you'd whimp at the sight of me, we are not sodomites and we all have wives and are part of Intermarium movement in Kiev. You probably look like a whimpy leftist metalhead from the photo above, we have more testosterone and balls to actually defend our countries unlike you western cuckservatives. The only real cunt is the one that looks like one; YOU! I am a man, and your time has ended Globalist scum. Trump will win!

          • herrschobel

            big like in FAT ? ….i am a Man…uhuhuhu…i am a Monkey…look at me … i am Hanzel the gay Nazi Ape with testosterone Balls hanging between my hairy legs..oh what is that in my Ass ….it´s a penis…you are funny though…that i have to admit.

          • Hanzel_II

            Bahahaha Trump won! In your face millienial shit! Time to make Europe great again!

            Heil Mein Fuhrer Donald Trump!!!

          • herrschobel

            the longer this goes on the more i believe you are a little gaytroll…i actually hope so..no one can be this stupid..but that is the problem with individuals like yourself…you base everything on assumptions…you know shit…what makes you think i care about Trump / Clinton or the US Election in General ? don´t you listen ? i have no interest in political foolery. That´s for little people like yourself. Trump might be interesting at least…for a while. anyhow..you have become boring…good day cunt !

          • Hanzel_II

            You are no Conservative, a conservative is conserving something and strives for as Plato would say "The Ultimate Truth" you are just a pretender, neo con Cunt that deserves a helicopter ride.

          • Adrik

            So, what you are saying is you aren't a Black Metal fan because "my black metal" is a mosh pit filled with people listening to thrash metal…

          • Hanzel_II

            No I'm saying Black metal is filled with a bunch of Pussy leftists, and all of my nationalist buddies who still listen to old bands like Burzum and Darkthrone but mostly Pagan/right wing bands are jacked and could tear you beta shits to pieces.

            That is how white men are supposed to look like, ripped; pagan, and ready to die for their nation.

          • Adrik

            Spoken like a right wing pussy. How many times did a leftist kick your ass until you got with a bunch of weak whiny bitch made men who jump on the internet talking about their homoerotic fantasies.

            "That is how white men are supposed to look like, ripped; pagan, and ready to die for their nation."

            I bet you were jerking off when you wrote this drivel.

          • Hanzel_II

            Oh God….It's not just religious, but also racial tolerance. Almost all black metal bands with their notions of "Universal Satanism" have this belief, and since they admit to believing in Satan they also admit to believing in Jehovah, so in a caricature type of way they are promoting Judeo-Christianity; but considering these Satanic bands use Hebrew symbols, names etc they are also combating like the Christians European nationalism and conservatism, i.e. the pagan elements within Christianity which allowed society to not result to anarchy (as to which can be found in Protestant countries which are now Atheist countries).

            To this extent Universal Satanism to these bands means anyone can be a Satanist regardless of Race and ethnicity, and again none of these bands have the balls or really care about criticizing Islam or making anti-Islamic statements all the while their countries are being Islamified by Extreme Liberal governments. Ironically, the mainstream record labels and leaders of Metal magazines and labels express very strongly their liberal views.

          • Rejiik Sulonhade

            or..or or it is just music and some people should relax the fuck off about it ?? hmm hmm ??

          • Hanzel_II

            Simply saying it's just music only reduces music as entertainment, originally music in tribal societies was used for sorcery and was deeply rooted with people's religion in conjunction to nature. So in a sense mixing different styles of music dilutes the music over all making it less primitive, more complex but meaningless all together.

          • Adrik

            Neo Nazi Russian… Ahaha. The Nazi's nearly wiped you out. Plus you are russian. How much Mongol is in you, answer? A LOT. Russian Neo-Nazis are hilarious.

          • Hanzel_II

            Russians are Haplogroup R1A in genetics, they are European not Mongol; mongols are haplogroup C.

          • Adrik

            No, Russians were conquered by mongols and many have asian blood in them. You being a dumbshit racist, a coward, and a keyboard warrior have no idea what you are talking about.

          • Mari

            Its kind of easier to critisize religions you are familiar with. I think its predominantly christianity, because thats the offical state religion. On the other hand, you find an amount of anti-islamic bands from the Middle East.

          • Craig Jenkins

            Wasn't Varg's ideology based on old paganism, and anti christianity? He never spoke about Islam because they hadnt torn down the old places of worship and built Christian churches on them.

          • detestation

            in one breath you're praising "militant right wing black metal", yet criticizing islam in the next. Shouldn't radical islam be your heroes? They're the most "extreme" right wing survivalist militia out there.

          • Hanzel_II

            Hitler prefered Islam over Christianity, if in my belief Islam does take Europe same thing will happen with Christianity, it will be easier for Europe to kick out its immigrant population which Europe did with the Christian middle easterners. Once the white man takes Islam there's no more political correctness holding him back in this meta-political quagmire from mass deportating all the brown people.

            Who knows maybe you'll see a white Muhammed in your life time.

            Point is, you can't stop manlyness, they call it radical; the firemen who risked their lives to save people on 9/11 are equally manly as the suicide bombers who carried out the act.

            I would love for Europe to embrace its pagan roots none the less which is why this religious jerk off between Christian unity and Islam has to come to an end.

      • LuciferRising523

        Euronymous was a communist.

  • Louis

    I was just reading they cast Tyler Perry as Varg.

    • bobunitone

      I'm into it.

  • ? The teargas story is not from Lords Of Chaos, it's from the Until The Light takes us movie.

  • Jim Stewart

    I asked about the teargas story but that's not even in the book Lords of Chaos. That was from Until the Light Takes Us.
    Do your research better!

  • Dance for Nihilism

    The truly awkward part will be everybody in the Norwegian black metal scene speaking English. The authenticity of it all!

    • Mariafhurlbut2

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  • tit

    the whole romanticism of the new wave of black metal needs to stop.

    we get it. things fucking happened

    • Hanzel_II

      It's ridiculous, I wouldn't even call it romanticism, more like pacifism because metal journalists and record labels can't stand people that don't have leftist views. How many times have you seen black metal bands who get a deal and start singing about Satan and advertise more satanic imagery and then become "Bigger"?

  • Hercules Rockefeller

    A book about silly teenagers from Norway who could barely play their instruments wasn't particularly entertaining, I can't imagine a movie about that book would be, either.

    • Mari

      Actually, Ive been at Inferno metal festival,several times. A lot of these bands are pretty awesome live. Especially Satyricon and Immortal.

      • Farter Puffs

        I think he meant that they couldn't play back then. It's been 25-30 years now, so some of the bands have gotten a little better, but not much. Satyricon has only gotten worse…

        • John Cross

          Satyricon were musically competent from the start.

  • Bigalmoney666

    I'm probably going to see this, but I'm definitely going to have a very strong opinion.

  • Stuart Lewis

    The book is a load of bollocks too

  • Doomsower

    Besides confusing/conflating the "Lords of Chaos" book with the "Until the Light Takes Us" video documentary, there also seems to be praise here for the LOC book which has actually been discredited by pretty much everyone involved. Most of the people interviewed in the book later said that they were often misquoted or things were made up by Moynihan and it's now widely accepted that he made the book as a way to farther his own far right-wing nationalist and fascist ideology. He denies this, though he is clearly trying to make a connection between fascism and black metal subculture in the book (mostly through Varg Vikernes, who has also said the book is inaccurate and full of lies); there's clearly bias at work in the book and inaccuracy considering most of the people came forward and disavowed his book. On a more personal note, I really hope they don't make that movie. Fenriz is funny as always, though.

  • Sleepy

    Varg is gonna summon the Doom Band LecH to……

  • Mari

    If they are going to make a movie about this, they should make sure its loosely based on it. Ive read parts of the book, but it kind of turned me a bit off, for some reason. Dont forget that Michael Moynihan, one of the authors, is, or was, reputedly a white supremacist and could have written this book at least a little bit out of hes personal agenda. Besides its a whole collection of different stuff, from 1st wave of Black metal, and even the insane group of teenage psychpaths in which the book is even named after(they called themselves the Lords of Chaos), than planned a massacre at Disneyland. IDK weather Im going to see it. Im kind of done with the insane history black metal is associated with, and Im guessing so are most of the traditional BM- artists, too. As it seems to be more about the music, these days. And Varg isnt even part of the scene anymore

  • Vladiatör △hmadinejad

    Sure… there's about as much a chance of this movie happening as that "long awaited" Hellraiser remake.

    • herrschobel

      Hellraiser remake ? what ? where ? why ????? not needed

  • dropshadovv

    They're shooting near my flat at the moment