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What Kind of Metalhead Are You?

Posted by on April 16, 2012 at 1:41 pm Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

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It's very easy to stereotype metalheads, but did you know there are sub-stereotypes as well? Much like sub-genres of metal, sub-stereotypes are very prevalent. Are you a deathcore kid? A brutal metalhead? A metal grrrrl? One artist tried to pack as much punch as possible and create the definitive 10 heavy metal stereotypes. Check out these descriptions:

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  • Nikola Kranjcevic

    the only impression that I have making me a metalhead is a Zakk Wylde tattoo on my shoulder and the occasional band shirt…other than that I don't feel the need point out my choice of music… I respect people who dive in to the culture head first and I see no fault in it, I just don't feel like I have to label myself in order to feel accepted…

  • Nikola Kranjcevic

    That speaks more of the US than metal culture… besides, the balkans are an underground metal mecca since it's considered socially unacceptable to listen to "the devils music" over here… mainstream bands in mainstream media are treated fairly but in reality, the scene is very much underground…

  • Alex Hutson

    uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh where's the stoner/doom/prog/sludge representation?

  • Johanna Heino

    Even though I'm a girl I'd say I'm a mix between the power, folk and death metal types… which does fit quite well with my taste in music too… But yeah, old but gold these pics.

  • Hannah Colley

    I just find it totally illogical to post anyone under 20 as an emo piece of shit with the wrong type of metal being listened to daily. When it's untrue that all of us are NOT the same way. I've been listening to thrash, death, heavy, black, and other metal genres alike since birth. Never have I been associated with such bands as AA, BVB, or any of that bullshit. But of course, being 14 sets me off as a poser. It's frustrating considering that I enjoy this music, I don't listen to it for the fucking attention. I find the metalcore genre as not only obnoxious, but mediocre. It has no meaning, really, as of when old school metal has taught me plenty of things just by listening to the lyrics. Don't let age fool you, there are still true metalheads out there.