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New Favorite Tumblr: Celebrities In BLACK FLAG T-Shirts

Posted by on July 16, 2013 at 12:57 pm Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

Another day, another great Tumblr idea to add to our favorites, which include  metal catsbargain bin blasphemymeeting Fred Durst and of course the Juggalos of OKCupid. A new blog aims to put a Black Flag t-shirt on every celebrity, awkward or not.

The Black Flag design has been bastardized to no end and this blog is perhaps a bit of social commentary on that fact.

Up top, you see Kanye West, who has previously legitimately sported gaudy "heavy metal" sweatpants rocking a Black Flag tee. And here's fellow rapper, Eminem:

Emimen Black Flag tshirt

Here's former president George W. Bush running in his Black Flag tee:

George W Bush Black Flag Tshirt

Ginger ashtray Lindsay Lohan:

Lindsay Lohan Black Flag tshirt

Close personal friend of Varg, Mel Gibson:

Mel Gibson Black Flag tshirt

The Jersey Shore's Pauly D trading in fist pumps for circle pits:

Pauly D Black Flag tshirt

Roseanne and Rosie are not riot grrls, they're riot women:

Rosie Odonell and Roseanne Barr Black Flag tshirt

Like, OMG, Taylor Swift, what a shirt:
Taylor Swift Black Flag tshirt

If you haven't caught on, these are all obviously photoshopped. For more see Black Flag Shirts On Every Celebrity!

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