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Modern Valkyrie's 30 Days Of Corpse Paint Offers Great Inspiration For Your Halloween Costume

Posted by on October 27, 2017 at 4:33 pm Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

Without a doubt, Halloween is a special time of year for metal heads. Especially those who lurk in the shadows of dark imagery, mystical stories, and take an interest the macabre lifestyle. One such person is Lady Leanansidhe of Modern Valkyrie, who took on the challenge of donning corpse paint for 30 consecutive days for the month of October, and watching her blog on the subject is as awesome as it sounds!

Whether you're looking for inspiration for Halloween, or even your next black metal gig, her blog is worth a visit just to see how much you can really achieve with black and white paint. I for one commend her on her CP skills, and this awesome challenge in the name of black metal. Even the music selection rules, with tracks from Mgla, Behexen, Urgehal and more of my personal faves.

Check out all her entires via Modern Valkyrie right here, and view one of the videos below to get an idea. They even include

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