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Get Your Corsets And Black Eyeliner Ready, Because Goth Emojis Are Here!

Posted by on February 2, 2016 at 11:32 am

Have you ever just felt like the world doesn't understand your inner darkness? Ever written a poem that nobody else gets because they just don't "get it"? Then what you're going to need is these brand new Goth Emojis, available for your Facebook and mobile device right here. This way you can discuss daily matters with your "lesser" friends, because ugh… they're just so glued to their phones it's absolutely disgusting.

I guess you can check out some of the great artwork that showcases these emojis right here. Sheeple.

12662500_1099555576756375_5119078510354854936_n 12565636_1097929086919024_2538643939715765284_n 12654436_1097999196912013_8745942022370462480_n 12644849_1097999456911987_7933274203733343128_n 10314583_1098158320229434_3334624789961702247_n 12647486_1098416683536931_7782368835501385534_n

Thanks to Haute Macabre for this one. We owe you some black eyeliner!

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