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SLEEP Announces Three Shows Leading Up To New Years Eve

You can never really get enough Sleep, both the band and the activity.

  • Upcoming Releases

AMON AMARTH Begin Teasing Live DVD & Documentary The Pursuit Of Vikings: 25 Years In The Eye Of The Storm

You should brush up on your German for this one.

  • Upcoming Releases

KORN Drummer Says Band's New Album Is Due Out In March 2019

Here's hoping it's not at all korny.

  • Upcoming Releases

RAMMSTEIN Almost Done With Recording Their New Album

Hey, new Rammstein is finally happening after nearly 10 years!

  • Video Games

METALLICA, SLIPKNOT Among Bands Featured In WWE 2K19 Video Game Soundtrack

The release of theWWE 2K19 video game is right around the corner, and WWE has just announced the soundtrack to the…

  • Metal Merch

METALLICA's Lady Justice Is Getting Her Own Funko Pop! Figurine

The bass tracks for ...And Justice For All are unfortunately not for sale yet.

  • New Music

SLASH Streams Bluesy-As-Usual New Song "My Antidote"

Or Slash Feat. Myles Kennedy & the Conspirators, if you're into that name.

  • New Music

ALL THAT REMAINS Return To Heavy Metalcore Sound with "Fuck Love"

All That Remains have a new album on the horizon and today released their new single, "Fuck Love." We are…

  • New Music

GERYON (KRALLICE) Surprise Released A New EP Over The Weekend

It's dudes from Krallice, so it's good.

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ZAKK WYLDE Jokes He Was OZZY's Last Choice For Final Tour Live Guitarist, But He Doesn't Care

"My buddies go, 'Doesn't it bother you that you're the last option?'. I said, 'No. At least, I'm an option.'"

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SYCARIAN Hit Us With Their Latest Prog-Death Banger, "Rediscovery"

New Jersey natives make good with the maddening magic of Sycarians new prog death monstrosity!

  • Reviews

Album Review: SATAN Cruel Magic

If you are a fan of heavy metal music, it’s certainly a great time to be alive. We are in…

  • Reviews

Album Review: CLUTCH Book of Bad Decisions

I recall easing into the stoner rock scene and giving Clutch a shot years ago. While their tone and style…

  • In The Studio

ROTTING CHRIST Currently Mixing New Album

Christ continues to rot, as he does.

  • At The Movies

Nicolas Cage Says His Weapon In Mandy Was Inspired By CELTIC FROST's Logo

The movie does not feature any Celtic Frost music, that we know of.

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  • This Is Just A Tribute

Jonathan Davis Breaks Down Twice During KORN's First Performances Since His Wife's Death

Davis was visibly emotional during the band's 20th anniversary celebrations for Follow the Leader

  • Tour Dates

DISTURBED Announce Cities For 2019 Evolution Tour

Will you be seeing Disturbed in 2019?

  • New Music

Listen to AVENGED SEVENFOLD's New Song "Mad Hatter" In Its Entirety

A new grunge-like jam from A7X

  • Fuck Yes!

Shirtless Florida Man is Back To Confront Hurricane Florence with SLAYER's "Raining Blood"

Remember in 2016 when Hurricane Matthew was the first category five hurricane to hit the Atlantic in over 10 years…

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Classic Guitar Ads from the 80s & 90s Featuring Your Favorite Heavy Metal Heroes (Dimebag, Eddie Van Halen, Dave Mustaine, KISS and More)

As the title of this throw-back post suggests, you are about to be treated to a flashback-inducing look at old-school…